Vinyl Fences and Gates

Do you imagine having a classic, white picket fence surrounding your home? Or do you have your eyes on something with a bit more privacy, giving your backyard a cozy, retreat-like feel? Whether you have your heart set on a border style that is open or something more exclusive, Vinyl fencing is your best choice. It is fully-customizable, allowing us to build you exactly the fence you had in mind.

There are few things more exemplary of “The American dream” than a simple, yet elegant, fence. A vinyl, open-style fence will provide you with a timeless look. Showcase your gorgeous lawn and blossoming flowers to pedestrians with this tasteful choice.

Conversely, a privacy fence gives you so much more than just a hideout from nosy neighbors. This full-wall barrier acts as a noise reduction system, turning your yard into even more of a peaceful oasis. Is the most secure way to keep unwanted visitors out and ensures that small children and pets, who are prone to wandering, stay in a safe and protected area.

Aside from being the aesthetically attractive choice, vinyl lasts. This material is five times stronger than wood and can withstand strong winds and fallen branches. No more worrying about cold weather and termites, as you would with a wooden fence. Unlike other materials, vinyl does not rust, rot or blister. There is no painting or annually refinishing required. Vinyl truly is the least-hassle choice when it comes to protecting your yard.

Vinyl could not be easier to clean- Just rinse with soap and water to remove and discolorations, and your fence is sure to look brand new for life. It’s durability and ease will save you more money on repairs and maintenance for years to come, making the investment fully worth the price. Choose between white and tan for the latest addition to your home.

Our vinyl carries a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, securing your investment. With over four decades of experience in fencing, East Coast Fence is your  trusted business for safeguarding your yard and home. Contact us today for a free in-home estimate!

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