Wooden Fences, Fence Gates and Repair

Are you dreaming of a classic, homey look for your yard? If so, a wood fence is your perfect match. Wood fencing costs only about one-third the price of its competitors and the installation process is both quick and easy. With proper care, wood fencing can last 20 or so years. Any damages that do incur due to accidents or weather are sure to be an affordable and uncomplicated fix. Wood fencing is fully customizable, allowing you to choose exactly the fence height, shape, and color that matches your yard’s unique style and needs. Customers can also personalize their privacy settings by opting for more or less space between each board. 

With wood fencing, choose between five designs: Paddock estate, space board and picket, split rail, privacy fence, and Wyngate alternative board.

Paddock estate fencing is most commonly used to keep horses enclosed, but provides a polished, timeless look to residential property. A space board and picket fence gives your yard a bright, open feel, while still keeping intruders out, and children and animals in. Ideal for farms, split rail fencing keeps livestock contained. This rustic style is also great for clients who love a simple, country ambiance. Privacy, or butter board, fencing is great for residential neighborhoods or anyone who wants their yard to be a touch more isolated, turning your yard into the ideal secluded paradise. If any building permits are necessary, East Coast Fence of Northern Virginia will assist you in obtaining these before starting your project. Wyngate fencing, also known as alternative board fencing, gives yards with an intimate feel, but in a more tasteful manner. In this style, the boards are spaced apart, but the gaps between boards are covered up by boards on the opposite side. This allows some visibility to seep through, but not enough to expose you entirely.

All of our wood fences are built with pressure-treated lumber, which is termite-resistant and carries a manufacturer’s limited warranty. East Coast Fence has over four decades of experience working with wood fencing and hundreds of satisfied clients. Read some of our five-star client reviews or go ahead and give us a call for a free estimate.

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